William McGregor: The Father of the League
Without the intervention of Perthshire born draper William McGregor, the history of professional football might have looked very different. Phil Shaw examines what inspired the Aston Villa club secretary to become the driving force behind The Football League in 1888.

Clubs and Players: It's Only a Short Career
More than 40,000 professional footballers have appeared in The Football League since 1888. Phil Shaw looks at how the relationship between professional football clubs and their players has evolved over the last 125 years.

Club Chairmen: Tough at the Top
Being in charge of a club is often viewed as a thankless task, Richard Foster looks at some of the most memorable Chairmen that have played their part in Football League history.
  The Case for Change: Evolution or Revolution
Roger Titford looks at the various different ideas for changing the structure of league football that have been proposed during The Football League's history.
  Playing Kit: Primary Colours
Richard Foster looks at the close attachment fans have to their club's colours and how playing kit has evolved over the last 125 years.
  The Play-Offs: All or Nothing
Often credited as one of The Football League's most important inventions, Richard Foster explains how the Play-Offs have changed the domestic game.
  Tactics: It's a Simple Game
Jonathan Wilson examines The Football League's tactical journey from 2-3-5, through to the W-M formation, 4-4-2, and beyond.